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ICGN is a worldwide network of scientists from universities, research institutes and industry within the coffee producing and coffee consuming countries.
ICGN will focus on the genetic and molecular bases of traits important for consumers, processors and producers in terms of quality and reduced economic and environmental costs.
ICGN represents an international commitment to work jointly for the development of common sets of genetic and genomic resources.

ICGN 10th Coffee Genomics workshop at PAG Meeting San Diego, January 13-18, 2017

Our 10th ICGN Coffee Genomics workshop will take place during the 25th Plant & Animal Genome Conference (http://www.intlpag.org) in San Diego, California, and is scheduled for Sunday Afternoon, January 15, 2017, from 4:00 pm to 6:10 pm at the Town and Country, Pacific Salon 3. The PAG conference 25th anniversary meeting will celebrate recent advancements in Ag Genomics. The complete conference program can be accessed at http://www.intlpag.org/2017/program/program-overview-xxv.

Please register soon if you are planning to attend and submit your abstract to one of the workshop organizers, Marcela Yepes (my11@cornell.edu) or Philippe Lashermes (philippe.lashermes@ird.fr). You are required to register for the meeting if you plan to submit an abstract to be presented as a poster or as an oral presentation in our workshop, the deadline for abstract submission for posters is October 28, 2016 (http://www.intlpag.org/2017/abstracts/poster-submission), and for submitting titles for oral presentations is November 18 (http://www.intlpag.org/2017/abstracts/workshop-abstracts). Workshop speakers will be guaranteed the early registration discount no matter when they register.

For programs and abstracts of our most recent ICGN coffee genomics workshops see links below.  [Click on the title to access the full abstract.  Please note that several authors have kindly provided pdf summaries of their presentations that can be accessed by clicking on the pdf].

2016 program: https://pag.confex.com/pag/xxiv/webprogram/Session3070.html;

2015 program: https://pag.confex.com/pag/xxiii/webprogram/Session2616.html

2014 program: https://pag.confex.com/pag/xxii/webprogram/Session2125.html

2013 program: https://pag.confex.com/pag/xxi/webprogram/Session1503.html;

2012 program: https://pag.confex.com/pag/xx/webprogram/Session1086.html

We look forward to meeting you in San Diego!

ICGN Secretariat


Upcoming Meetings of interest to the ICGN community

Report Coffee Genomics Workshop held during PAG meeting January 9-13, 2016

The report of our 9th ICGN Coffee Genomics workshop that took place during the XXIV Plant & Animal Genome (PAG) conference in San Diego, California, January 9-13, 2016 is now posted at http://www.coffeegenome.org/communications/meeting_report.htm.  Reports from previous ICGN workshops can also be accessed at that site.


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